A Novel Product Design Environment for Health Monitoring Wearables

PI: Stefanie Mueller, Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, MIT

Health monitoring devices in the form of wearable technology are becoming more and more popular among consumers. By permanently tracking measurements of e.g., blood pressure, body temperature, and vision quality, this new technology has the potential to significantly improve people’s lives. To receive strong and accurate signals from health monitoring sensors, factors such as the placement of the sensors and the alignment with the user’s skin play a crucial role. Unfortunately, today’s wearable health monitoring technology is mass-manufactured and thus follows a one-fits-it-all approach. Since each person’s body is different, inaccuracies in measurements are created, which can lead to wrong interpretations of a person’s condition. In this project, we will leverage the potential of personal fabrication to create one-off products: We will develop a novel product design environment that integrates parametric design with scans of the user’s body to create health monitoring wearables with highly accurate sensor placement.

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