RecyBot: High-Speed Intelligent Robotic System with Computer Vision for Electronics Recycling

PI: Kamal Youcef-Toumi, Department of Mechanical Engineering, MIT
PI: Dzmitry Tsetserukou, Space Center, Skoltech

We propose a novel high-speed intelligent robotic system to significantly improve the recycling process efficiency of electronic devices. The machines in this system will be a group of micro, dexterous, and high performance robots. They can collaborate on dismantling electronics devices, retrieving and sorting valuable components from disposable ones. The operation principle is as follows: an electronic item is brought to the recycling robotic station. The station is composed of multiple Delta robots, arranged appropriately, and equipped with 3D cameras as part of a comprehensive computer vision system. The robots will perform all operations associated with the dismantling process. The robots also perform tasks necessary for manipulating and sorting the disassembled parts and components. Artificial intelligence and real-time machine learning capabilities will allow the robots to learn, from human technicians, the skills of how to take devices apart and remove electronic components, recognize similar components and generate similar or improved procedures, and share the knowledge with other robots. Potentially, RecyBot can have a great impact on electronic recycling technology. It will be the world`s first smart high-speed robotic system for electronics dismantling.

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