The MIT Skoltech Program is currently active and in its third phase.

The first phase of the collaboration among MIT, the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech), and the Skolkovo Foundation, comprised a wide array of activities and led to the launch and early growth of Skoltech. The second phase was oriented around a more focused set of collaborative activities to promote the continued development of Skoltech and the Skolkovo ecosystem. The current, third phase of the MIT Skoltech relationship includes:

  1. Collaborative research projects that link researchers at Skoltech with researchers at MIT to pursue investigator-initiated projects of mutual interest.
  2. Joint research conferences focusing on collaborative research carried out together.
  3. MIT faculty providing advice and support, via a faculty advisory committee and as individuals, on research and institutional matters.
  4. MIT-enabled interactions and visits in areas of research and institutional matters important to Skoltech.

"Skoltech has developed rapidly and has recruited excellent faculty and outstanding students," says MIT Professor Bruce Tidor, faculty lead of the MIT Skoltech Program. "The support, commitment, and engagement of more than 75 MIT faculty have led to the success of the MIT Skoltech collaboration. Faculty and students at both schools will benefit from continuing to work together."


MIT Skoltech Program Announced Winners for the Pilot Grants Proposals 2020

The MIT Skoltech Program awarded in excess of $2,000,000 in Pilot Grant Funding to 11 projects for 2 years. The grants continue on the path of the MIT Skoltech Seed Fund and are awarded to researchers from 8 MIT departments, representing 4 schools. The call for proposals encouraged submissions for innovative projects that include collaboration with Skoltech faculty. The MIT Skoltech Pilot grants awardees address a wide range of topics. Read more about the projects

MIT Skoltech Announced Awardees for the Third Round of NGP Grants

The MIT Skoltech collaboration has awarded 9 joint projects in the third round of Next Generation Program grants. The MIT Skoltech Next Generation Program (NGP) covers the whole range of academic and institution development activities. NGP seeks to establish and promote a mutually beneficial long-term bilateral collaboration in research, education and innovation between Skoltech faculty members and their MIT counterparts through the research-driven projects. Read more about the projects