MIT & Skoltech Conference on “Shaping the Future: Big Data, Biomedicine and Frontier Technologies”

In April, Skoltech and MIT held a landmark joint scientific conference “Shaping the Future: Big Data, Biomedicine and Frontier Technologies”, marking the the biggest joint event hosted by Skoltech in the history of the two universities’ cooperation. The two-day conference featured a packed program of presentations by representatives of MIT, Skoltech and other leading universities worldwide. Topics included multimodal brain mapping in the era of big data, and nucleic acid delivery systems for RNA therapy and in vivo genome editing. Here are the links to view more information about the conference and photos.

MIT Skoltech Seed Fund winners announced

The MIT Skoltech Seed Fund awards $1,200,000 in Seed Grant Funding to faculty across the Institute. In its first year, the MIT Skoltech Seed Fund has awarded grants to 13 projects for 1 year, to researchers from 9 MIT departments, representing 3 schools, and 1 program. The call for proposals by the MIT Skoltech Seed Fund welcomed submissions for innovative projects that have the potential to benefit the development of Skoltech or the mission of the Skolkovo Foundation. The first year MIT Skoltech Seed Fund awardees address a wide range of topics, fitting that scope. Read more about the projects.

MIT Skoltech Seed Fund issues call for proposals

Open through December 23, the MIT Skoltech Seed Fund Program is calling for proposals from MIT faculty and researchers with principal investigator status, for innovative projects that have the potential to benefit the development of Skoltech or the mission of the Skolkovo Foundation. The Program encourages proposals that involve collaborative research with Skoltech or other Russian academic and research institutions. The MIT Skoltech Seed Fund will award grants in amounts up to US$ 75,000, for one year. The application deadline is Friday December 23, 2016. For more information and to apply, visit the Seed Fund page.

“Next Generation” Workshop Coming in October 2016

Skoltech and MIT will host their first annual workshop, "Next Generation Research Partnerships: Current Progress and Future Opportunities," at Skoltech's campus on October 25-26, 2016. The invitation-only event will feature scientists and researchers from both institutions discussing key research advancements and next frontiers in energy, biomedicine, quantum materials, and computational science and mathematics. Read more about the "Next Generation" Workshop. 

Innovation Workshop 2016 a Success

The annual Innovation Workshop is a one-month-long, immersive, project-based experience for all incoming graduate students at Skoltech. The goal is to instill an awareness of how students can commercialize their research in science and technology. Read recaps of 2016's Innovation Workshop, including week one's Quick Success classes and week two's student presentations on original ideas for tech startups.