Urban change, climate change, and climate adaptation in the Russian Arctic

PI: Brent D. Ryan, Department of Urban Studies and Planning, MIT

Russia has recently set a course for adapting to climate change across sectors and regions, including in the Arctic. Climate change concerns in the Arctic are related to rapid warming and its increasing negative impacts on infrastructure, the urban built environment, and populations. Using three in-depth case studies of Arctic cities, this project will aim to examine how climate change and patterns of urbanization affect land use and housing conditions. Also, through a survey of the 20 largest Arctic cities in Russia, it will provide insights into adopted and planned adaptation measures in cities, barriers to adaptation, and how these barriers are addressed in sectoral and regional adaptation plans. The project will further inform policy dialogue in the area of climate change and urban development between the government and academia. Also, it will help establish connections with Skoltech scientists and find areas of joint research in the future.

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