Year 2 Seed Fund Grants

MIT Skoltech Seed Fund awards a Second Year of Seed Grant Funding

The MIT Skoltech Seed Fund has awarded in excess of $800,000 in second-year Seed Grant Funding to 12 projects for 1 year. The grants are awarded to 12 researchers from 9 MIT Departments and Programs representing 3 schools. 

The call for proposals by the MIT Skoltech Seed Fund welcomed submissions for innovative projects that have the potential to benefit the development of Skoltech or the mission of the Skolkovo Foundation. The second year MIT Skoltech Seed Fund awardees address a wide range of topics:

Discovering New Superconductors from Quantum Critical Electron Fluids 

Riccardo Comin, Department of Physics, MIT
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Early Onset Biomarkers Enable Intervention Against Liver Cancer

John M. Essigmann, Departments of Chemistry, Biological Engineering and Center for Environmental Health Sciences, MIT
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Development of a Project Based Class on Engineering Innovation

Douglas P. Hart, Department of Mechanical Engineering, MIT
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Where will You Export Next? Knowledge Diffusion and the Evolution of International Trade

Cesar A. Hidalgo, Collective Learning Group, MIT Media Lab, MIT
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Probing the Specificity of Toxins from Type II Toxin- Antitoxin Systems

Michael Laub, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, MIT
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Technological Domain Formation

Christopher L. Magee, Institute for Data, Systems and Society, MIT
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Safe All Solid State Batteries

Jennifer L.M. Rupp, Electrochemical Materials Laboratory, MIT 
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Extracting and Employing Intellectual Property Constraints in the Space of Design Alternatives

Warren Seering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, MIT
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Recovering Hydrocarbons from Flare Gas with Reverse-Selective Membranes

Zachary P. Smith, Department of Chemical Engineering, MIT
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Damage Resistance via Anisotropy-Graded Microstructure Design

Cemal Cem Tasan, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, MIT
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3D-Printing of Functional Carbon Nanotube-Hydrogel Composites for Advanced Wearable Sensors

Xuanhe Zhao, Department of Mechanical Engineering, MIT
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Building Bridges between MIT and Skoltech 

MIT PI: Elizabeth Wood, Department of History
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